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When you are going through your home tiding things up, it can be discouraging to discover a pest control problem. From loose bugs scattering around to droppings, it's never fun to feel like there are more occupants in your home than you knew about. Fortunately, by working with an exterminator, you can make short work of pest issues. In a few simple sessions, you can eradicate pests on contact, making it easier to protect your home and family. On this website, check out all of the different ways you can enjoy a cleaner, safer home with the help of a pest control professional.



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Termite Treatment Options For Your Pest Problem

Termites are a very destructive pest that can cause a lot of problems for you as a homeowner. If you have a problem with termites, you may not be aware of the issue until long after they have already destroyed a part of your home. If you have this pest issue, you need to have it taken care of right away. The best thing to do is to call a pest control company to help assess the situation and to treat it as needed. Read on for some termite treatment options that may be used to treat this issue.

Site Spray 

A pesticide spray used directly at the site where these pests are beginning to eat through your home may be all that is necessary if you only have a minor pest problem. To help detect whether or now you have a major issue or just a minor one, a pest control company will go through your home and look for other signs of these pests throughout your home. Once determined that this is the only site of these pests, they can be sprayed directly, and any nests or mud tunnels will also be sprayed and removed. You will also be informed how to repair the damage caused by these pests and anywhere that has rotting wood that needs to be repaired as well.

Whole House Fumigation

Your entire home may need to be fumigated in order to get rid of these pests if you have them all over your house. If you have termites throughout your entire home and they are in multiple areas of your home, entire house fumigation may be necessary. This entails a tent being put over your home and a pesticide being pumped into the house to help contain these pests and kill them all to prevent them from spreading further to neighboring homes as well. Whole-house fumigation requires that you, your family, and any pets all be out of the house while this is occurring, and you cannot go back until the house fumigation is finished and the process of airing it out is also complete. This is used in a situation when the entire house is compromised with termites.

If you have a problem with termites, it's in your best interest to hire a professional to take care of this issue for you. Don't attempt a DIY pest control for this type of pest, as they can be lurking throughout your home, causing damage without you realizing they are there. Hire the pros instead to ensure that you have gotten rid of them all.