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When you are going through your home tiding things up, it can be discouraging to discover a pest control problem. From loose bugs scattering around to droppings, it's never fun to feel like there are more occupants in your home than you knew about. Fortunately, by working with an exterminator, you can make short work of pest issues. In a few simple sessions, you can eradicate pests on contact, making it easier to protect your home and family. On this website, check out all of the different ways you can enjoy a cleaner, safer home with the help of a pest control professional.



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Common Summertime Pests To Look Out For This Year

Summertime brings pleasant weather, which is both good for you and your garden. But before you start relaxing in the comfort of your own yard, be aware that summertime pests may be enjoying your garden alongside you. To ensure that summertime pests don't take over your yard, be ready to treat your yard for the following troublesome summer pests.


Termites never stop eating. But they do slow down considerably during the colder months of fall and winter. Once spring arrives and the weather warms up, termite queens begin breeding rapidly, and the termite foragers set out to hunt for food in larger numbers.

If you see signs of subterranean termites, such as mud tubes on fencing and the walls of your home, you need to treat the issue quickly, before the termites get into your home. A residential pest control service can identify all species of termites and use baits and sprays to stop the pests in their tracks.

Ticks and fleas

Two bloodsuckers that thrive in warm weather are ticks and fleas. These pests love gardens with plenty of foliage, where they lie in wait to latch onto their prey. If you plan to spend time in your yard and you have pets, then make sure your lawn or garden isn't infested with ticks and fleas.

If these bugs find a way into your home, you could soon find yourself fighting them off as they spread and multiply. If you see signs that ticks or fleas are lurking in your yard, then call a pest control company and have them nip the problem in the bud before it gets out of hand.


One of the most annoying summertime pests is the mosquito. These pests can make back garden barbecues torturous as they prey on their human victims from the cover of darkness. A pest control service can install a misting system that will spray at certain times of the day to keep these pests away. Pest controllers can also help you eliminate mosquito-friendly elements like standing water.

Fire ants

Fire ants can become a rampant problem once summer arrives and they begin to hunt for food for their growing colonies. If you spot fire ant mounds in your yard, then you might have a significant problem on your hands, as fire ants will happily raid your home for food if necessary. If you fear for the safety of your pet and children, call a pest controller to eliminate the ants.

Summertime brings pests of all shapes and sizes, but the pests on this list are some of the worst. If you want to make sure your summertime fun isn't disturbed, call a pest controller to stop pests in their tracks.